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Chaweng Ancient Ships

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                                       (flash) 201496_74517.gif  Product Premium
(flash) 201496_75520.gif  Sovereign of the seas
(flash) 201496_75579.gif                      San Felipe 1690
(Root) 201222_2098.gif                          Vasa 1628

(thaiship) 2013322_75154.gif       Thai Royal Barges


(thaiship) 2012313_71955.gifThe a nantanakaraj royal barge


(Root) 2012417_82689.jpg    Red Dragon
(Root) 2012416_78594.jpg     Cutty sark
(thaiship) 20131218_69298.gif         Cheng Ho ship



HMS.Victory 4 M.

             the1worldships.com is the best world class model ships producer and distributer under the brand “Chaweng Ancient Ship”. All the model ships were finely made specifically with the exact same proportion to the real ones using the selection of the standard materials like the fine gold teak wood, for instance, incorporate with the production process under the monitoring of professional and experienced craft men to produce the best model ship artwork. As the direct model ships producer and distributer, we are able to control the production quality to make the best standard product in compatible with the museum standard. There are 3 pillars for model ship production of Chaweng Ancient Ship.

                                          1.To produce the royal navy model ships

                                          2.To produce the historic model ships

                                          3.To produce the honorable model ships

             There are over 100 patterns of the world famous and historic model ships since 1600-1900 at Chaweng Ancient Ships. For instance, the royal navy of England, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Norway, America, China, Thailand and other countries. We carefully select only the top 10 famous and historic ships of each country both the elegant royal battle ship as well as the classic vessels.

            The1worldships.com displays multiple sets of pictures of model ships, model ship production, activities and events and useful articles. Therefore, the model ships of Chaweng Ancient Ship is the model ship you are looking for and the best present or souvenir for you and your beloved person.


            Chaweng Ancient Ship is an only manufacturer of Thailand that receive honor to exhibit the product in ASEAN Summit in Huahin in October, 2009 to the Council of Ministers from various countries. Over last several years, booth of Chaweng Ancient Ship in the exhibition is always visited by superiors of the country every time.

        - Ship model of Chaweng Ancient Ship is up to the production standard, certified by the Ministry of Industrial

        - Correctly register for trade

        - 5 stars guaranteed ship model

        - The model was rated the no. 1 in Thailand by the customer, government and the manufacturer in the country

        - The model was rated the no.1 in 10 of the world by the staff of the World Ancient Ship Museum



            In www.the1worldships.com also displays the ship model, production process of ship model and also provide room to discuss ideas and consult about the production of the model to open up to anyone who visits our site.


                                                                        Chaweng Ancient Ship



                                     E-Mail: thaiship2@gmail.com


                             Tel: 6689-9912901