Root Catalog / H.M.S.Victory show detail
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H.M.S.Victory show detail length = 250 cm.


          H.M.S. Victory which is the royal navy with the great history in British Navy. The warship with 104 guns was built in 1765. In 1805, Napoleon of France allied with the Spanish Armada entered the “Trafalgar” battle (Trafalgar is a small bay off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic). The Royal Navy, H.M.S. Victory, led by Captain “Nelson” broke out into the encirclement of the battleships of France and Spain and mobilized all the force to defeat the opponents. The victory of the battle was considered as one of the most famous sea battle in the world’s history. The Royal Navy, H.M.S. Victory, under the command of Captain “Nelson” had been through 5 world historic battles and also marked the victory over all the 5 battles. Nowadays, the Royal Navy, H.M.S. Victory is still in good condition.







Price  15,000.00  Us Dollars