Root Catalog / Vasa 1628
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Vasa length = 145 cm.


1.       The Royal Navy warship, Vasa was built under the demand of Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden to be the strongest naval presence (Back then, Sweden was the dominant power of the Baltic. Since its territory encompassed the Baltic on all sides, the strong naval presence was required to protect its territory.). Gustavus II Adolphus ordered to build 4 warships of which Vasa was included. The initial ship builder was Henrik Hybertsson. The Dutch ship builder started by searching for over a thousand of the oak wood from all over Sweden, cutting and transpoting them to Skeppgarden Shipyard in Stockholm. It took 3 years of construction and required a number of skillful craftsman including the carpenters, blacksmiths, binders, painters, clothing and sculptors. It was decorated with sculptures intended to glorify the authority, wisdom and martial prowess of the monarch and also to deride, taunt and intimidate the enemy. Many of the figures are in Dutch grotesque style, depicting fantastic and frightening creatures, including mermaids, wild men, sea monsters and tritons.  It was exquisitely decorated with over 500 of wood sculptures including the emperors, heroics, gods, mermaids and ghosts are around the ship. fitted on the insides of the gunport doors was the roaring lion. Grasping the royal coat of arms on side, the figurehead, and even clinging to the top of the rudder. The most important and prestigious pieces: the figurehead lion, the royal coat of arms, and the sculpture of the king at the top of the transom. The artwork portrayed the elegant look yet powerful with 64 cannons arranged inside (It was considered to be the ship that contained the most cannon that time) with the length of 47.5 meters and the width of 11.7 meters. The ship builders who took over the construction from Henrik Hybertsson were Hein Jakobsson and Arent de Groot. The construction was completed in 1628 and was stationed by Captain Sofring H ansson together with over 300 crews.


Price  2,600.00  Us Dollars